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Lesson Page  Homework
Class introduction  1 please read this first   
Research methods  2  
Research Methods cont. 2     
Introduction to Statistics 3  
Review of algebra  3b   
Graphic and Tabular Presentation  #4
Central Tendency  5  #5
Dispersion  6 #6
Standard Deviation  7  #7
Z Scores & Confidence Intervals 7a #7a
Review for first test  st1   
T1 outcome and answers    
Relationships  8 #8
SPSS class #1 spss  GSS94;
Lambda & Phi coefficient 9  #9
Nature of Statistical Inference  10   
Chi square  11  #11
Assumptions for chi square  12  #12
t test  13 #13
Gamma  14 #14
Review for second test  st2  
T2, outcome and answers    
Partial gamma  15  #15
Test of sig. for gamma  16 #16
SPSS #2  spss   
Theta  17  #17
Kruskai-Wallis H  18  #18
Eta  19 #19
Review for third test  st3   
T3, outcome and answers    
F-test 20  #20
Prediction (regression) 21  #21
Pearson's r, Sig. Test & partial r  22 #22
Kendall's tau  23 #23
SPSS #3 Work with SPSS spss project   
Homework review    #24 
Homework answers answers  
SPSS Project due    
Final Review stf  

 To interpret your inference statistics use this table:  Significant Probability Values

 you will need this Chart to understand the relationships between levels of measurement and correct statistics.