Multiple Choice Tests

  • Read the directions carefully
  • Know whether you must mark the one best correct answer or all correct answers
  • Know if you are penalized for guessing;
    Find out if an incorrect answer will cost you more points than a blank answer
  • Read the stem of the question
    all the way through, then each possible answer all the way through
  • Use the options themselves
    to provide you with hints about things you need to know
  • If you are uncertain of the correct answer,
    cross out the options you know are definitely wrong, then mark the question so that you can reconsider it at the end of the exam;
  • Circle all negative words
    and "100% words" within the question stem and options
  • "All of the above" answers are often correct.
    If you know two of three of options are correct, "all of the above" is a strong possibility
  • If you're not sure about a number answer,
    toss out the high and low and consider the middle range numbers
  • If you have no idea of the answer
    • check for "look alike" options;
    • check for the most inclusive option--the option that contains the most information.
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