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School Resource Links

Teachers Links           Education Links

The Best animated Math Site on the WEB!!   Here's a Great Home Work Site

A step by step Math place with online tutors    

Kids place       Some kids stories     

Nice site with quite a bit of freeware        


Debra's Monstermind Page -- a fun setting

The Fed's list of Free Educational Resources

More educational Links

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Odds and Ends

Best ISP on the Web!      Your Travel Center  Nature

Terrific Maps for free       Some desert pictures 

Web Surfing      Whitewater Info     Beer recipes   EBay  Museum Art  Science (Mag)

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Computer Links

Tom's Hardware         Epic-tools for Privacy           FCC ID site      P2P tracking

Shareware         PCMechanic     OnLine Tutorial for Meta-Html    GameCopy

Linux-Hacker    MSN   MSN Knowledge Base  ToadNode  Hitachi   Transistor Cross Reference  X10

The Calculator

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Space Links   

More IO images    Mars--the new Odyssey   Inspire  Current Solar Data

Hubble       Hubble Nasa     Chandra (Harvard)      stsci    Heaven's Above

Nasa SpaceFlight  Space Flight Now  Mt Wilson   Near by Asteroids  Mars   SETI

SOHO    Space Science  Space Weather  Space Weather (gov)  JPL Space Calendar

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Legal Links

California Code    California Evidence Code    California Law Page

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NetProducer (Solar etc.)


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Drudge Report      San Diego UT Daily

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Free Software

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